Sonsierra - A Little Piece of Magic

Wednesday 30th May 2012

Jane Cuthbertson, owner of Barrica Wines in Preston, visited Bodegas Sonsierra on a Stevens Garnier customer trip in late April - and listed the range as a result.

Winemaker Rafa Usoz was invited over to host a special Dinner and Tasting for Barrica Wines' customers. It was Rafa's first Tasting in the UK – he worked on his English for weeks before the trip!

On a gloriously sunny evening,  Emendis Puigmolto Cava Brut was served on arrival - which was extremely well received, and then …..

Rafa spoke about  Rioja Alta, Sonsierra and his love for the grapes: "80% of the quality of the wine is down to the quality of the grapes". 

The wines perfectly matched the food.

Pescado Frito – a variety of fried fish and shellfish served with Sonsierra Blanco – delicious!

Grilled Peppers in Olive Oil with Chorizo – packed with Spanish flavours, garlic, olive oil, herbs – along with the Tempranillo Joven it made you think of Tapas bars in Logrono.

Tenderloin of Pork fillet, Serrano ham and Mangetes. Although the two wines served with it, the Reserva 2006 & the Select Harvest Crianza 2008 were very different, both were superb matches for the Pork - again packed with the flavours of Rioja.

Manchego with membrillo. Served with Pagos de la Sonsierra 2004. Ooh I say!  There wasn’t a drop left!

Rafa later commented that the type of questions he received from this wine-knowledgeable audience really surprised him and he would never get such probing questions from a Spanish audience.

Altogether a very successful evening.

Jane Cuthbertson was delighted :

“I was so taken with not only the wines, but the whole philosophy of Bodegas Sonsierra during my visit last month, I wanted bring a little piece of the magic back to our customers at Barrica.

To me, the enterprise represents exactly how a co-operative should work – each grower passionate about his vines and entrusting their transformation into something quite spectacular using the expertise of such a talented winemaker.

The feedback from customers on the evening, and afterwards through sales of the wines, confirmed my opinion of the range.

Apart from the sales though, everything we try to do at Barrica is about making wine accessible and fun, and the atmosphere on the night was exactly what we try to nurture. Rafa’s presentation and personality went a long way to achieving that – all our customers seem to like a presenter with enthusiasm – and a cute accent!

Shame he wouldn’t agree to us serving Pigs Face though – now that WOULD have been authentic …”

The SG Team with Jane Cuthbertson at Sonsierra